How To be Awesome and Other Things About Margaret

Margaret knows how to be awesome. She also knows how not to be awesome. 

Being awesome means being kind. Not being awesome means being a jerk. Don't be a jerk. 

It's seriously that simple. The most important thing to the artist that is Margaret is kindness. She gets that from her Mom. Her Mom is awesome. 

Other things about Margaret. 

- She has zero formal art training. ZERO. She doesn't care if that bothers you. She likes that about herself. 

- She hates drawing. She thinks drawing is suuuuuper boring. Maybe one day that will change. Maybe not. Someone once told her that she couldn't be a good artist unless she drew more. At first Margaret believed her. She doesn't anymore. 

- Margaret is also a Pilates instructor. She brags about this sometimes. She's thinking about bragging less. 

- Margaret is married to this guy named Paul. She loves him more than she loves painting. So basically, a lot. 

- Margaret has two dogs. One of them she bought from a pet store. (Gasp!!) (Insert judgement here.) The other one she adopted from a shelter. (Awwww.) (Insert pat on back here.) 

- Margaret has dropped out of college at least five times. She is practicing saying this out loud to other humans. 

-Margaret's high school art teacher told her that her art journal was tacky.