Beginner - all the details

  • 30 minute phone intro discussion. 

  • Unlimited email correspondence with designer. 

  • 1 Product page with up to 15 products. 

  • 1 About page with 1 photo. 

  • 1 Contact page with 1 photo.

  • 1 template option. (Template is carefully chosen based on your design preferences discussed in our first phone call.) 

  • 1 hour Skype or Face-time session to teach you  how to make future edits to your website. 

Pricing: The Beginner is a $300 investment and is paid directly to me, your website designer. There are additional fees associated with owning your own website and domain name. These fees will all be paid directly by you, to Squarespace. Find their pricing HERE. If you have any questions about pricing, please reach out to me HERE as I am more than happy to help. 

Nitty Gritty

Once you have decided to make the most important business decision, ( a website of your very own) we can get down to some serious work. Here's how it all happens. In order to begin, I require that you and I both sign a contract. This contract details the expectations of the work that you and I are going to do together. It will out-line what is specifically expected of me and what is specifically expected of you. In order for this design relationship to be a success, we will each have to fulfill this agreement. 

Agreement Gist

My Part: I agree to complete your website in one week. I agree to do my very best in choosing a design that is both functional and beautiful. I agree to help you understand how your website functions and how to make future cosmetic edits. I agree to communicate with you promptly and efficiently, so that your time always feels respected. I agree to fulfill each and every one of the details included in the Beginner package. I agree to keep you updated throughout the entire design process. 

Your Part: Prior to beginning the design process, I require that you provide me with up to 15 photos of your products and the specs of your products or services, (Specs = pricing, sizing, and any other pertinent details) your bio and photo for your about page, ( I am happy to offer help and suggestions with writing the bio.) and the contact info and photo you want included on the contact page . Payment must be made in full before I begin the website. 


-Fine Print- 

1. All websites will be hosted by and created on Squarespace. 2. Creation of website does not guarantee sales or website traffic. 3. Clients are responsible for all necessary payments to Squarespace and any other hosting platform prior to the website being designed. 4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not included in this package. 5. The one week time table is only possible if we both work together to promptly complete the project.